Our national British icon

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2022.01.21 01:11 Loose_Vagina90 Our national British icon

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2022.01.21 01:11 whosmellslikewetfeet Epic level circumcision.

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2022.01.21 01:11 Lo-Rez-cunts 20k Start in Casual modes? (TDM/Strikeout?)

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2022.01.21 01:11 Ayliss88 A cute fox!

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2022.01.21 01:11 yeahokcoolcoolcool Said delivered, but now in transit again?

Hi! I had a customer reach out saying they never got their package. I checked the tracking and it said it was delivered on Dec 27, but then went back into transit on Jan 6. The address is correct. Anyone have any idea whats going on?
When a package gets lost in the mail, how do you guys handle it?
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2022.01.21 01:10 Ryanrozzo Gotta love those knock out! Boxes

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2022.01.21 01:10 Durlag [30M] Inguinal Hernia

Hey guys, firstly I am 30, male, 5’11, non smoker and pretty healthy and active.
Curious if anyone has had an inguinal hernia before. I have had symptoms of extremely swollen right testicle which was thought to be a hydrocele and a weird lumpy patch above my groin on the same side. I believe it happened after a core exercise in the gym. It’s been causing zero pain but now the area above my groin is really irritating and just doesn’t feel right in certain movements.
2 oncologists, 1 doctor and a few nurses looked at it and seemed confused, one thought it was torsion and that I may have to have my testicle removed if they couldn’t confirm blood flow. Being referred to a general surgeon now as the latest ultrasound points to a hernia and they did confirm the testicle has blood. After google diagnosing myself it looks like an inguinal hernia..
What are the chances this goes away on its own? Our healthcare system is devastated right now so a surgery would be 6-8 months out regardless. Just trying to calm myself mentally and figure out if I can retain any glimmer of my active lifestyle.. biking, running, weights. I am pretty scared right now.. just trying to wrap my head around the path forward after I talk to the surgeon
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2022.01.21 01:10 timtexas First NFT, I be shocked if anyone likes it.

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2022.01.21 01:10 Affectionatehand_ How are you guys doing LA rn? Is it worth it?

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2022.01.21 01:10 bradx1515 This dude is willing to pay 90 dollars more than im offering

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2022.01.21 01:10 mexicofan trololol!

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2022.01.21 01:10 Throwawayye1221 I [23F] am married to an alcoholic [24M]. When is it time to call it quits and divorce?

Hello. If you could please be kind, I would appreciate it. I’m very confused, anxious, and if I am honest, a bit embarrassed. It is my first post on Reddit, and I am also not used to the app. This is a throwaway because my husband DOES use Reddit. And I do apologize for how long this post is.
I (23F) am married to an alcoholic (24M). We got married young, at 21 and 22 after almost 1.5 years of dating. My husband is in the military, so yes we (admittedly) did the typical “get married young” thing.
I didn’t find out until about a year into our marriage how bad his struggles with alcohol were. He has been drinking since he was 14/15 years old and does struggle with past trauma from being from an abusive household growing up. He has admitted he uses alcohol as a way to numb the trauma.
About a year into marriage, I noticed that 5 days a week he would come home and drink excessively. When he drinks, he is not very nice to me. Not abusive, just kind of disrespectful and does not respect my boundaries. When I brought this to his attention, he promised he’d cut back, and that he was sorry. (I have my own trauma from an alcoholic father. But that’s another story)
Things were seemingly going well for a while until he started hiding liquor bottles and lying to me about how often and how much he was drinking. I’d ask him if he had been drinking, and he would proceed to lie to me, saying things like: “I don’t know why you can’t trust me” or “I think you just want to fight” When I could smell the alcohol on his breath.
I’d find bottles hidden under the couch, under the kitchen sink, in the trunk of his car under his spare tire, etc.
In early 2021, we got into an argument about his drinking. I am not going to lie and say that I was level headed; I got angry and had yelled back at him. He was angry that I had set my foot down regarding alcohol in the house. I tried to negotiate with him to keeping alcohol consumption to a minimum; weekends, and 1 day during the week. He got upset and punched our closet door.
Following this altercation, he agreed to getting help, admitted he had a serious problem with alcohol, and started going to therapy. He went for maybe a month and abruptly stopped. I had thought he was getting better, but unbeknownst to me, he was still hiding bottles and drinking behind my back, and lying to me again.
I know this may be considered toxic, but I have threatened divorce if he does not stop drinking and lying to me about it, but he called my bluff.
In November, he agreed to going to couples counseling with me. We started going, and when our therapist brought up him going to AA, he refused, and said he wanted to try counseling first, which we all (me, him, and our therapist) agreed upon.
Yesterday, we had another counseling session. I thought things were going great!! He told her that he hadn’t been drinking, and that he had been following her advice on some things. He is currently working the night shift, so unfortunately I do not see him that often but we do try to make time for each other on the weekends.
Well. Last night he took my car to work so he could get me gas, and left me his car. I went to get groceries and found a half empty vodka bottle in his trunk, stuffed in several Target bags.
We talked this morning. He lied to me at first and then admitted to drinking several times the last week, and lying to our therapist about not drinking. I didn’t get angry. I thanked him for telling me, but I just feel… numb.
I’m at my wits end. I don’t know what to do. I’m embarrassed. I haven’t told a single soul about our marital issues (besides our therapist). Sometimes I feel like I’m the issue here? Like am I too hard on him for drinking? Was it my fault for getting myself into this situation? These are all thoughts that go through my head on the daily.
My self esteem has tanked, as I feel like I am not enough to make him stop (I know this is not rational thinking, however I… just don’t know). I am always anxious to leave him alone for fear he is drinking. I love my husband dearly. When he is sober, he is the most amazing, kind hearted person I’ve ever met.
(And if anyone is wondering, no we do not have children)
Should we continue therapy? Should I continue to keep trying? I do not want to give up, however when should I draw the line? Where is said line, and when/should I file for divorce? However, I do not want to lose him or this life we have built together.
My husband of 2 years is an alcoholic. He struggles with lying to me about how much/when he drinks. We’ve tried therapy, however it continues. It’s causing me a lot of anxiety and depression surrounding his alcoholism, as I am constantly worried about when/if he drinks behind my back. I don’t know if I can keep doing this.
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2022.01.21 01:10 bill-s-preston-esq 2022 is the year Big Cat gets hot as SHIT

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2022.01.21 01:10 Nightlight_TV Hopefully you like this if you see this Big A

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2022.01.21 01:10 raskassassin Vegas?

Hoping to get safe stuff while traveling in Vegas. Any advice?
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2022.01.21 01:10 Silverback1322 DD: The Ghost in the Machine: The crypto connection to the meme basket.

DD: The Ghost in the Machine: The crypto connection to the meme basket. Rather than make this post witty, clever, and entertaining...I'm just going to give it straight. I've been watching for almost as long as I've been in this play, the very close correlations I've noticed between Shills (legitimate, and likely paid ones, not the everyone-who-doesn't-agree-with-me kind), our favorite stonk, and the cryptoverse.
I have noticed several very disturbing trends.
The word of the day is insidious. This is how FUD operates. This is how SHF's operate. It's how short and distort works. It's how they slowly seep in and gain enough karma that now you're seeing shills with 2-3k karma popping up everywhere, posting the same bullshit you'd see on bookface and youtube comments.
Basically, every time I noticed shill activity, I started doing some quick research to verify their shill status. Comment history, post history, cross-reference their groups and username...activity etc. I'd always notice that a vast majority were pumping shitcoins. You know the ones I'm talking about. Starts with Shi...but that alone wasn't enough to mean anything. It's when I started seeing posts about very large movements correlating with selloff of the stonk, or broader market, correlating with crypto. Like this one. (Bitcoin in orange, NASDAQ in blue).
I've seen this time and time again with these correlations between AMC and GME (and many other 'meme stonks' in the same basket (shoutout to u/criand for his legendary basket theory). But this is different....Crypto isn't even in the same realm as stocks, etfs, bonds, etc....right?!?!
My mind started racing. Are SHF's using crypto as their personal piggy bank for liquidity? For hiding and moving money around?
Enter the same cast of absolute living dumpsterhumans.
This year, Citadel, LLC got staked 1.2 bn from Sequoia Capital and Paradigm. Who just so happen to be both major players in the crypto space. Sequoia has been around from the start of the naked short-fest illegal fuckery.
But wait....there's more. Oh, there's so much more.
Remember Stevie "Big Worm" Cohen of Point72 Asset Management, LLC. - This clown? Oh yeah, you remember him. Good.
Well lil' Stevie never left. He just went quiet because he got his face smashed in early on from shorting us. He also helped Citadel bail out Melvin Capital.
Let's go to our magic ape hot-tub-time-machine, and see where this thread leads us:
According an Business Insider article from last February:
As an army of retail traders took on some of Wall Street's biggest names, one of Silicon Valley's most storied investment firms found itself with money on both sides of the trade.
The conflict played out inside Sequoia Capital, the venture-capital firm founded in the early 1970s by one of the original entrepreneurs of the silicon chips that gave the California valley its name. Sequoia grew into an industry legend as an early investor in such technology behemoths as Apple, Oracle, and Google.
More recently, the company has been a significant but passive backer of the Robinhood trading app used by many retail traders to place bets on a series of out-of-favor stocks. One of those, the video-game retailer GameStop, surged more than 1,600% last month, catching a number of well-pedigreed Wall Street hedge funds in a short squeeze. Less well-known is that Sequoia had an investment in one of those very hedge funds, thanks to a little-known investment fund that manages the fortunes of Sequoia's partners. Their involvement began in 2014, when Gabe Plotkin was a rising star thanks to his work for the industry titan Steve Cohen but before he'd made a hedge-fund juggernaut out of Melvin Capital. An under-the-radar endowment-style fund at the venture-capital firm, dubbed Sequoia Heritage, was gathering steam. Heritage placed a wager on the Cohen acolyte, people familiar with the matter told Insider, becoming one of Melvin's earliest investors alongside Cohen himself, who seeded the fund with $200 million as part of its $1 billion launch. These people who spoke to Insider on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to publicly speak about the investments made by the Heritage fund.
So Gabe worked for Stevie, then launched Melvin, who was seeded money by Sequoia and Stevie.
Stevie, who lives in Greenwhich, CT...lives conveniently in the same area as Interactive Brokers.
  1. "Interactive Brokers receives significant sums of money from both The Motley Fool (through their Motley Fool Wealth Management subsidiary) and from Citadel Securities (through their IBKR Lite payment for order flow product for retail users). There is certainly a possibility that they facilitate some interaction between the two, with Citadel potentially directing some of the content in The Motley Fool's paid and free publishing."
Reminder that Citadel and Point 72 bailed out Melvin Capital while they were backing Robinhood, Sequoia's pet project -- who famously removed the buy button -- and now here's Sequoia once again, bailing out Citadel.
Caught up yet? Keep going....

Cohen has been apparently very busy. Apparently, he, and Global Trading Services (GTS) (we'll come back to them in a moment) launched a company known as RADKL....focused on QUANT TRADING OF DIGITAL ASSETS.
From this BusinessWire article,
"Radkl’s initial focus will be quantitative trading across digital assets. Radkl will extend these capabilities into the growing DeFi universe over time. Radkl is focused on building a team of engineers, data scientists and other world-class technologists.
Ari Rubenstein, co-founder and CEO of GTS, said, “Digital assets will change the face of finance, and Radkl will accelerate that process. GTS was instrumental in building today’s modern electronic markets and with Radkl, we now have a blank canvas. Our goal is nothing short of pioneering and implementing dramatic changes in financial technology which will yield unparalleled efficiencies for the global markets and the economy. Radkl is the future of finance.”
“While the cryptocurrency market is now a $2 trillion asset class, we are still in the early stages of institutional adoption,” said Mr. Cohen. “As more professional investors enter this space, there’s a need for an institutional player like Radkl that engages in large digital asset transactions. This is a natural extension of GTS’ technology focus, and I am excited about the opportunity to support them in this initiative.”
“GTS is setting up Radkl, a new business that will start proprietary trading in digital assets, from bitcoin to the fast-growing decentralised finance market, later this year. Steven Cohen, the billionaire hedge fund manager, is also investing in Radkl. Ari Rubenstein, chief executive of GTS, said that he saw a “need for large-scale sophisticated players who can navigate the regulatory environment”. He said these players would make the market “more efficient” and “attractive for investors.”Financial Times
Hmm....This sounds like Pay-for-order-flow / PFOF. Sort of like...what Interactive Brokers does.
Sort of like their new.....commercial?
Global Trading Services (GTS), one of the biggest Market Makers (aside from Citadel), who can be seen all over the NYSE trading floor right next to their Citadel buddies in those cute little blue jackets. (those remind me of the same blue windbreakers the FEDS wear when they roll in to make arrests of white-collar criminals and financial terrorists...but I digress). Here's an example photo, featured in a CNBC article (yeah...CNBC, the primary financial MSM channel in America, where Gasparino used to work, Andrew-Ross-Sorkin who had Kenny to his wedding works, Melissa Lee works, and has hung out with Stevie Cohen because he comes on their show all the time....inverse Cramer works there...etc...that CNBC.)
And, apparently, sometimes they just swap out their jacket.
Hey, is that CNBC's logo in the background????!?!
But wait! There's more!
Found of GTS, Ari Rubenstein, sits as a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s (yes, THAT FINRA) 'Market Maker Surveillance Advisory board'. Conflict of interest much?!?!?!
He's also penned numerous op-eds on these topics in The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Business Insider and CNBC. Newscorp ... is almost completely institutionally owned (98.98%). Shitadel has a chunk of shares. Newscorp owns WSJ, Marketwatch, Barrons etc. Yes....the FUD factory.

“Radkl plans to engage in several types of trading, GTS Chief Executive Ari Rubenstein said in an interview. One will be electronic market-making on crypto exchanges—quoting prices for an asset throughout the day and profiting from the spread between the prices at which it buys and sells. Radkl also plans to conduct bilateral trades of digital assets with other firms, such as crypto hedge funds, Mr. Rubenstein said.”Wall Street Journal
“….Radkl, a new trading firm that will deploy quantitative methods—such as sophisticated, high-speed, computerized trading models—to invest in cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and the “decentralized finance” (DeFi) sector. The firm, whose name is pronounced “radical,” is led by partners at New York-based quantitative trading firm GTS.”Fortune
Remember Latency Arbitrage - how these criminals are using PFOF combined with High-Frequency Trading with literally faster data transfer speeds, and illegally profiting from the difference in price from the ticker to when the data hits their servers? Similar to a spread but much more...illegal?
Remember how Citadel was suing the SEC over IEX and not being able to use latency arbitrage 3 months ago?

Ryan Sheftel, who is the CEO of RADKL...is also the Global Head of Fixed Income at GTS. So, GTS, who funded RADKL, is being led by....GTS.

Oh...wut dis?
Prior to GTS, Mr. Sheftel was the Global Head of Electronic Market Making for Rates and the Global Head of eCommerce for Credit Suisse. He was responsible for running the electronic market-making trading business and the customer-facing franchise, including the Credit Suisse Onyx platform.
Mr. Sheftel previously served as Principal and Portfolio Manager of the Malbec Quantys Fund, a multi-strategy systematic hedge fund, and as Portfolio Manager at Citadel Investment Group, where he headed Systematic Trading in the Global Rates Group. Before Citadel, Mr. Sheftel was a trader in the mortgage department at Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers. THE MORTGAGE DEPARTMENT AT GOLDMAN AND LEHMAN.



I gotta call my mom.

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2022.01.21 01:10 c9belayer FYI: It takes ~20cm (8") of electrical tape to make Rockler Bench Cookie risers fit snugly into MFT/3 dog holes.

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2022.01.21 01:10 Firewoman92 Algebra Tutor

This is a long shot but does Anyone have any advice in finding a algebra tutor for college. I’m really struggling this semester and looking for a friend and algebra tutor. Any advice works.
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2022.01.21 01:10 TheNuttyOne7 Three different CYL banner theorycrafts

I'm bored, so I decided I'd theorycraft three different potential CYL outcomes. The first is, in my humble opinion, the most likely outcome; the second is a moderately plausible option that I would personally like better; and the third is just the four characters I would want to win even though they have no shot.
My goal here is to focus more on the concept of the heroes, since it would be pretty tough to predict the stage of powercreep we'll have reached by August, so I'm not going to go into too much detail on what thousands of effects the weapons and skills will have. But I will talk about outfit and skill inspirations, as well as my preferred artists.
(note: i started writing this before the day 1 results were released cuz i didn't expect those to be a thing)
New Heroes: Arrival Foretold Bernadetta: Isolated Sniper "You mean to say that p-people have been ... calling for me? N-no, thank you!"
Taking second place in the Women's Division is none other than Bernadetta! Bernie is a Colorless Bow Cavalry unit, wearing an outfit that combines elements of her post-timeskip clothes with the Bow Knight armor (like Brave Lysithea's Gremory outfit). Her weapon of choice is The Inexhaustible, a brave weapon that can heal her, while her special skill, Crest of Indech, grants her guaranteed doubles. In general, I think the easiest niche for her would be a powercrept Legendary/Duo!Leif, wreaking havoc with guaranteed quad attacks, Canto, and/or Galeforce.
Honestly, my only pick for her art would be Tobi. I love Winter Bernadetta's art and just Tobi's style in general, and I don't really trust any of the other artists who generally draw "cutesy" characters to do her any justice lol.
Felix: Sword Savant "Famed hero...? Spare me the flattery. I'm only here to hone my skills."
The runner-up in the Men's Division is everyone's favorite sassy swordsman, Felix! A Sword Infantry unit, Felix is donning his own take on the Mortal Savant class armor. Unfortunately, I have a hard time seeing Felix with anything besides the typical Sword Infantry kit, stacking ATK and SPD while surviving off of damage reduction granted by the Aegis Shield. On the other hand, they'd likely save the Sword of Moralta for a regular timeskip alt (like they apparently did with Blutgang), so he could get the Sword of Zoltan, Snow Mercurius, or something else more creative for his weapon.
There's a lot of solid options for Felix art. Clover.K did fine for his winter alt, so I'd be down to see them make a comeback. Alternatively, PenekoR, Wada Sachiko, Maiponpon, or Kita Senri could all do a really good job.
Byleth: Goddess Reborn "The goddess, you say? I'm afraid you're mistaken. My name is Byleth."
Of course, the winner of the Women's Division is none other than Byleth! She's donned the Sothis Regalia and looks simply divine taking the battlefield. Uniquely, she is a Green Dragon Flier, calling upon the power of Sothis with her weapon. The Sothis Shield provides an easy option for her special skill, as well, granting her damage reduction shenanigans.
We've seen several Three Houses brave units now and no appearances by Kurahana Chinatsu within the event, but I think Byleth makes the most sense to be drawn by the original artist. If not, Maiponpon, Mayo, azu-taro, Asatani Tomoyo, or Fujikawa Akira are all excellent choices.
Chrom: Exalted Hero-King "I assure you, I am not the Hero-King. I am merely his descendent: Chrom, of Ylisse."
And last but certainly not least, Chrom finally gets his day as the winner of the Men's Division! Since we've already gotten promoted Chrom as a normal alt and Exalt Chrom as a legendary, I think the best concept for a new alt is to don Marth's clothes. He's a Blue Tome Infantry unit wielding Starlight (since they so cruelly stole that option from Marth himself); honestly not sure what his personal skill could be, though we could go all in on the damage reduction theme and hand him the Binding Shield lol.
Like Bernie, there's really only one option for Chrom's art: Kozaki Yusuke. Just... please.
New Heroes: Heirs to Greatness Tiki: Divine Return "My name is Tiki. I come to you on behalf of my mother, the Divine Dragon Naga."
In our second theorycraft of the day, Tiki (Awakening) makes a surprising leap up to second place in the rankings! While far less likely than Bernadetta (or another female student from Three Houses), I do think the recent outcry for an Adult Tiki alt could see her jump up a few ranks, and who knows? Maybe second isn't totally out of reach. Based on her role in the Future Past DLC, Tiki is donning an outfit that combines aspects of hers and Naga's. (Basically: all the fanart. You've seen it.) Also like Naga, she is a Blue Dragon Flier unit, and her special skill can be a powercrept version of Divine Fang.
Kozaki Yusuke would also be ideal for Tiki's alt, but I'm more open to options on this one. Wada Sachiko, Daisuke Izuka, Okaya, or Asatani Tomoyo would also do fantastically.
Seliph: Shining Heir "I am Seliph. As heir to the blood of Duke Baldr and Saint Heim, I vow to destroy the darkness brought upon Grannvale."
And the second place spot of the Men's Division goes to Seliph! Another shocking skyrocket, but also another character who has seen a moderate amount of push leading up to the voting. Like Chrom, Seliph is kind of lacking in outfit inspirations thanks to his legendary and Scions alts, but one possibility would be to emphasize his Naga Holy Blood and give him a mage outfit inspired by his mother and half-sister, as well as the Book of Naga itself in a Green Tome Cavalry alt. While Naga can only be wielded by those with Major Blood in Genealogy, I doubt stretching the lore would offend people too much if it means a more interesting alt than yet a fifth Tyrfing between Seliph and Sigurd. (yes i know this is fourth version of Naga shhhhh)
While there are plenty of artists who could do (and have done) an excellent job with Seliph's art, let's be real here: the only actual option is Suzuki Rika.
The other two for this banner would be Byleth and Chrom again; the only differences are that Byleth now wields Snow Mercurius as a Sword Infantry, while Chrom's Starlight is now a Colorless Tome.
New Heroes: Bearing the Crown Lilina: Flaming Duchess "I wield this axe in the name of my father. Someday ... perhaps I will become just like him."
For the third theorycraft, Lilina has landed second place of the Women's Division! As an Axe Armor wielding Flaming Armads and wearing her own take on Hector's armor, she has fully embraced her father's role and all that entails. (insert those who know meme here) She focuses more on RES than past forms of Hector, but in general functions as an excellent Far Save tank, and would presumably have skills to match (and to powercreep A!Fjorm).
Like most of the previous GBA CYL winners before her, Wada Sachiko would be perfect for Lilina's art. If not, we've seen azu-taro absolutely kill it with her, so I'd be down to see a second take.
Takumi: Wild Blade "As King of Hoshido, I swear ... I will do everything I can to live up to my brother's legacy."
As second place of the Men's Division, Takumi (like Camilla before him) comes from an alternative timeline where he takes the throne in Ryoma's place. He wields Wind Raijinto as a Sword Infantry unit dressed as a Hoshidan Swordmaster, which gives him the unfortunate title of being a very stereotypical, ATK/SPD-stacking swordy with damage reduction.
The issue with my favorites is that I actually have three characters that really should be drawn by Kozaki. Takumi is probably lowest priority, though, and I'd be down to see Tobi handle him again, or possibly Kita Senri, Clover.K, or Asatani Tomoyo.
Dagr: Solar Flare "I may be queen now, but I'm really just doin' my best up here. That's all any of us can do, right?"
First place of the Women's Division goes to a newcomer: Dagr! Wielding her sister's lance as Blazing Hrímfaxi, Dagr is a Lance Armor unit who utilizes Drive Pathfinder (this is my ultimate prediction for this year's powercreep) to crash through the enemy's front lines. (Alternatively, warping/movement shenanigans + normal Pathfinder could be pretty scary without being quite so ridiculous.)
Dagr is definitely the character I think is highest priority to get Kozaki's art in this group, as I don't trust any other artist to handle her fanservice quite as tastefully as Kozaki generally manages to.
First place for this one is Chrom yet again because come on he deserves it. He sticks with colorless Starlight, and with Kozaki out of the running for his artist, I think I'd want Yamada Kotaro to handle him again.
Anyway vote for Chrom or Dagr or Lilina or Takumi or whoever the heck you want it's a popularity contest for sexy chess who actually cares
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2022.01.21 01:10 Affectionate-Bet605 I’m so nervous and so tired of waiting

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2022.01.21 01:10 Glicky23 Ocg meta reports similar to Master duels meta

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2022.01.21 01:10 Atsuyafrost I got snacks

anyone else here buy their own groceries
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2022.01.21 01:10 00NightHunter00 [Pvp][PC Server][Steam][lowboost][8maps][newserver]

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