Early Bird

2022.01.20 07:24 TheSweetCorn Early Bird

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2022.01.20 07:24 thefuture131 Book about 3 African American boys who grew up in rough neighborhood to become doctors.

Read a book in elementary school 25 years ago about 3 African American boys who grew up in rough neighborhood to become doctors.
I can’t recall if they all become doctors or just one and the two other characters a different successful profession. They could have been friends or brothers.
Been searching for this book forever!
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2022.01.20 07:24 FormalMango Life as a pillow.

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2022.01.20 07:24 coderwurst We'd all have an easier time picking Netflix shows if they had a Nudity, Violence and Language Rating like the TV Times did in the 90s

Haven't seen a TV Times in agesssss, but as a teen in the 90s the Film Guide was truely taken for granted... Today I spend a half an hour searching and then go to bed cause 'its too late to start watching something now'!
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2022.01.20 07:24 dizzledude Best Validators?

I read something on here about staking to validators who will be utilising/be involved in the NFT stuff Stargaze will be doing to increase chances of further airdrops from them.
How can i find out which of the validators will be involved?
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2022.01.20 07:24 Fids77 How could I achieve this effect?

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2022.01.20 07:24 PlEaSe_sToPgujhbn ☺️☺️😄😄☺️☺️😁😁

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2022.01.20 07:24 IDontKnow1629 Anyway to get gbp deposited onto Binance from the uk?

As title states really. The deposit feature is still blocked in my region, so wondering what some alternative ways are of getting money on there to make use of the prices there! Paying with card adds so much extra to the price
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2022.01.20 07:24 kimblinkonce BRUH

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2022.01.20 07:24 Fernex3 Repentance on switch physical version update, finally!

I just tried to buy repentance on switch for my physical version on the game, and it seems finally patched. Now if I go on the home page of the game and click on the link to buy repentance, doesn't show an error anymore, the page with the version for physical edition of the Dlc opens!
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2022.01.20 07:24 Plane_Blacksmith1568 Does it bother you to lend your belongings to others?

Hi everyone, I feel like I want to ask this question because it intrigues me to know what you think especially if you are enfj like me (but even if you are not) .I give a control freak in all relationships, I try not to do things that could make people think I'm weird but it doesn't work because they label me weird anyway. when people ask me to lend them something a conflict opens up in my head like "but if they don't give it back it's mine" at the same time I think it's not nice to say no and so this conflict is always in mine head I feel so stupid it makes me laugh because it is as if I expect responsibility from others and I am afraid that they will not give it back to me
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2022.01.20 07:24 KevosFT gang gang

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2022.01.20 07:24 sirsomnaathji Bluetooth Output Volume issue 65X9000H

I have a 65X9000H, similar model as X90H. I use a JBL flip v1 connected to the TV for all audio output. Lately when I turn on the TV and the speaker, it connects but the TV starts to play audio at 100% volume when the audio is routed from internal speakers to the bluetooth speaker automatically.
One click on the volume button on TV remote and the volume level reverts back to the level which was last used before turning off the TV (eg. from 100 to 35 in ONE click). I've tried re-pairing the speaker and all but issue persists.
Any solution to this?
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2022.01.20 07:24 jobsinanywhere Former WWE star Oscar on Shawn Michaels' backstage heat

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2022.01.20 07:24 Cicerothesage "Well educated friend". #probablyacrazynurse

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2022.01.20 07:24 doctorvoid29 Join the Hottie Leaks #21K! Discord Server!

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2022.01.20 07:24 paloskii Hi! I'm Edward Steward one of the devs working on MetaChess! Our team is creating the first blockchain-based chess game where users can monetize their gaming experience with PAWN - the main utility token of the platform.

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2022.01.20 07:24 jayclen VIRGOCX FREE$10.00+$20 PROMO

VirgoCX is one of the best, if not the best exchange in Canada, you get$10.00 just for getting verified. If you deposit $100.00 on your first deposit you get an additional 20.00
Get verified and check the exchange out! https://www.virgocx.ca/page#/register?code=kBW7vK3L
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2022.01.20 07:24 DarkGladir Cave rat boosted

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2022.01.20 07:24 MildlyMadlad It's over, Jedi! There is no high ground here! Me:

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2022.01.20 07:24 Cwilaayy Short anime

What's the best anime you've watched that's under 24 episodes? I'm looking for some good recommendations and I don't feel like committing to long series right now.
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2022.01.20 07:24 RDS08 "Couldn't connect to server"

I have a weird situation, I'm unable to play NFS No Limits if I use Wi-Fi despite the very same Wi-Fi allowed me to post here on Reddit; I have no problem (although very slow) connect via mobile data, which cost money.
I have this issue for last 48 hrs & I wonder if anyone have same issue?
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2022.01.20 07:24 hQx7o7omMbZcBKLmG3bc 立民・西村智奈美幹事長 CLP以外の団体への約9億円支出もうやむや「個別の取引内容の公表は控える」

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2022.01.20 07:24 Gu1LTY-_- [H] FT M9 Bayonet Autotronic [W] FN M9 Bayonet Doppler + $12 in CSGO items

B/O: FN M9 Doppler (P1 or P3 and <0.04fv) + $12 in CSGO items
For P2 and P4 I can add some play skins from my inventory. Open to other knife offers as well but overpay is expected. Send me a trade offer or add me to discuss.
Trade link
In-game SS ~ playside
In-game SS ~ backside
Skinport Store
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2022.01.20 07:24 poop_dawg Looking for volunteer opportunities that don't require much face time with other people

Hi friends. My life has been really hard lately, and I'm a big believer in "do good, get good." I've probably been too much of a leech and need to give back. I have extremely bad social anxiety and am physically disabled but would be love to do some data entry or something for a nonprofit. I can also drive. I haven't been a volunteer for like 12 years so I'm a bit out of the loop. Any ideas? Thank you ♥️
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