Terrence Ross : All Possessions (2022-01-17)

2022.01.20 08:18 nf_highlights Terrence Ross : All Possessions (2022-01-17)

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2022.01.20 08:18 jyarkrules I built my second base in the middle of the small lake . There’s metal close by , crystal and obsidian on the mountain to the left . Several caves to the south east of this location

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2022.01.20 08:18 RealLebronJames19 Is farming GLMR/FLARE a good idea?

I’ve never done yield farming before, but I’ve seen people on here saying to take advantage of the high rates so I threw some money into it. I plan on holding for a while so I’m not worried about short term losses. Was this a good idea? What kind of rewards could I expect and what’s the deal with FLARE? Thank you (I know I’m a noob)
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2022.01.20 08:18 G0reDollz Cum get dirty with me baby! I'll be your best kept secret 😈💦

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2022.01.20 08:18 couriernumberfive Looking for an anthology of short stories on noir and crime fiction on audible

I think I’ve listened to every thing edited by Otto Penzler (big book of pulps, Rogues and villains, reel murder, female detectives, etc.) but I’m trying to make sure I didn’t miss anything by him or something else along those lines by anyone else!
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2022.01.20 08:18 LumiGhostToken AirDrop - 5.000.000 $LUMIGHOST Tokens

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2022.01.20 08:18 CosmicDrifterDK Review and analysis of refereeing decisions in Arsenal matches in the 2021/22 season - Part 1

As the title says, this post is gonna focus on refereeing decisions. I made a similar post for last season, so I'm doing one for this season as well, except I'm splitting it into two parts.
I'll give my opinion on some, most, of the incidents, but ultimately, this is mostly meant to be a compilation, and it's up to everyone checking the post out to make their own opinions of all the clips that are in the post.
Much like last year, I'll sort by competition, then date. I was also more thorough than last season, so the post will be a long one. The video quality is also not great, I had to reduce video file sizes to be able to upload them, which negatively affected the quality, while Streamff additionally made the quality even worse, for some reason. Anyway, this is gonna be a long one, so strap in.
PREMIER LEAGUE 1. Brentford vs Arsenal(2-0) Not a good start to the season, both for the team, and the refereeing. Brentford got away without yellows on two different occasions for late sliding tackles, here and here as well as a penalty as Nico Henry took Balogun out inside the box. Henry gets a bit of the ball as he goes in for it, but that doesn't excuse him absolutely clattering Balogun in the aftermath, especially considering Henry didn't clear the ball, and Balogun was still playing it.
For Brentford's first goal, the ball potentially went over the line in the buildup. This shot suggest it was out of play, but it's impossible to tell conclusively with no doubt. Maybe we got shafted here, maybe we didn't, but would be nice to know, wouldn't it?
For Brentford's second goal, it's scored by Norgaard, which happens after Pontus Jansson physically obstructs Leno. The angle from the back shows Janson hooking Leno's arms, if that isn't obstructing a goalkeeper, I don't know what is.
2. Arsenal vs Chelsea(0-2) Arsenal had a penalty shout near the end on the second half for Reece James bundling Saka over, but no penalty is given despite a VAR review. Aside from that, Alonso didn't get a yellow card for bringing Smith-Rowe down from behind and stopping a dangerous counter-attack. On the other hand, Lokonga correctly got a yellow card for bringing Lukaku down in a similar manner, though there was a handball in the buildup.
3. Manchester City vs Arsenal(5-0) City's second goal comes from a free kick, and during the free kick, Laporte shoved Chambers's head in and no foul was given. VAR checked it, and the goal was allowed to stand. No foul, no card for for Laporte. About 15 minutes later, as shown later in the video, Kolašinac catches Jesus on the head with his arm, City are given a foul, and Kolašinac is given a yellow.
Xhaka got a red card in the first half, and it was the right decision. Xhaka flies in, goes studs up, and catches Cancelo on the ankle. Dangerous, recklesses tackle of this nature should always be red cards.
Arsenal had three penalty shouts during the match, and all three were waved off.
4. Arsenal vs Norwich(1-0) Nothing of note in this match.
5. Burnley vs Arsenal(0-1) Burnley were given a penalty in the 67th minute, but the referee correctly overturned it after having a look at the pitch-side monitor that showed that Ramsdale got his foot to the ball first before making contact with Vydra.
6. Arsenal vs Tottenham(3-1) Tottenham wanted a foul in the buildup to Arsenal's second goal for an alleged foul by Xhaka on Hojbjerg. To me, what's most telling is that Hojbjerg went down cluthing his legs when no contact was made on his legs.
In the second half, Kane went down in the box after contact from White, and indeed it should've been a penalty as replays showed.
7. Brighton vs Arsenal(0-0) Not much to say about this match, probably the biggest error was Duffy not being cautioned for taking Ramsdale out with a careless clattering. Aside from that, the referee bought a few cheap fouls from Brighton players who went down quite easily a couple of times, which was a bit annoying to see given.
8. Arsenal vs Crystal Palace(2-2) The main controversy of the match was McArthur's kick on Saka which many felt should've earned him a red card. McArthur got away with only a yellow, and if anyone thinks only Arsenal fans would think he deserves a red, here's the Reddit thread of the incident to show you otherwise.
That however was not the only controversy regading McArthur, who arguably should've been booked on two different occasions earlier in the match for fouls when we had dangerous-looking counter-attacks going. Here is the video, Mike Dean didn't show McArthur a yellow on either occasion, and to rub salt into the wound, he booked Saka for a similar foul, except the attack that Saka stopped didn't look anywhere as dangerous. Gallagher also perhaps had luck to not be booked for pulling down Tomiyasu.
Palace's 2nd goal came after what looked like a foul. Gallagher caught Lokonga, lightly kicking him on his foot, as well as bumbling into him hard enough for Lokonga to lose balance and fall, despite trying to stay up.
9. Arsenal vs Aston Villa(3-0) In the very opening of the match, there is an altercation between Gabriel and Watkins where Watkins pulled Gabriel down, and even kicked at him, albeit lightly, down low. Watkins was issued a yellow card, and maybe that's the right decision, then again, it's cliche at this point, but you can't help but wonder which card Xhaka would get in that instance, especially when we've seen Pepe sent off for leaning his head in against someone else.
Arsenal had a penalty given at the end of the first half with the VAR review being done after the half concluded. Arsenal got a penalty for this Targett challenge on Lacazette. Unlucky for Targett, but he was just late, and went through the back of Lacazette's legs to get to the ball, so the penalty was the right call.
10. Leicester vs Arsenal(0-2) Arsenal took the lead early with a goal in the fifth minute from Gabriel. In the buildup to the goal, Arsenal won the ball in midfield through what should've been a foul on Soumare by Tavares. To be fair, there were over two minutes and two corner kicks between Tavares's challenge and Gabriel's goal, and the referee had missed other fouls in midfield, specifically in Leicester's favor.
Evans had a little bit of a kick-out at Ramsdale during a cross that came into the box. Even though Ramsdale was always winning that ball, Evans jumped in with his knee first, and then delivered a kick, albeit a very light one, to the back of Ramsdale's legs. The Arsenal players weren't happy about it and it caused a scuffle. Evans wasn't carded.
That wasn't the only controversy Evans was in. In the 67th minute, he brought Aubameyang down while he was the last defender, a red card was expected, but Evans didn't get one.
11. Arsenal vs Watford(1-0) Danny Rose somehow finished this match without a yellow card, despite committing these four fouls. The penalty foul was worth a card alone, but Rose somehow didn't get one, not even for the whole match.
Now, the match finished 1-0 to Arsenal, and it was a very controversial goal indeed, here's the entire buildup to the goal. About 40 seconds before the goal, Lokonga and Tufan came together in the middle of the pitch, Watford wanted a foul as Tufan stayed down. No foul was given, and correctly so, as Lokonga got to the ball first and even got a bit of a kick from Tufan. Play went on, and with Arsenal pressing high, Rose put it out for a throw in as Tufan was down, Tufan quickly getting back up, but Arsenal didn't return the ball after the throw in. Now I don't know exactly why, this wasn't really the most sportsmanlike behaviour, there's a few explanations I could come up with. The first is that Arsenal were annoyed with some of the rather soft fouls that Watford were getting and believed Watford were time-wasting. The other is that Watford intentionally played it out when Arsenal were in a good position pressing Watford high up the pitch, and Tufan was clearly fine so he didn't need the help anyway.
Play went on, and Smith-Rowe eventually scored after the throw-in, but there was more controversy as Maitland-Niles just ran into Sarr in the buildup. A genuine foul, but it wasn't called, and Smith-Rowe scored just seconds later.
Kučka got a second yellow near the end of the match, and I'm not sure why. He doesn't seem to catch Tavares at all, who made a meal out of it. In Arsenal's defense, it was in the 88th minute, and the result was 1-0 anyway.
12. Liverpool vs Arsenal(4-0) No huge incident in this match. Klopp and Arteta had a weird touchline altercation where they just started yelling at each other over a foul. Aside from that, there was a number of smaller, more niggly fouls that Liverpool got away from, but nothing that would ever change the outcome of the match.
13. Arsenal vs Newcastle(2-0) Three penalty shouts in total, two for Newcastle, and one for Arsenal, here are all three.
14. Manchester United vs Arsenal(3-2) Arsenal's first goal was certainly interesting as it came from a corner and a sweet Smith-Rowe finish. Smith-Rowe put the ball into an empty net as De Gea had gone down beforehand, the referee cleverly waiting until the ball had gone into the net to blow the whistle. United wanted a foul, but as replays showed, it was Fred who caught De Gea on the ankle, so with Arsenal having done nothing wrong, the goal stood.
There was a penalty shout for Arsenal when Maguire yanked Tomiyasu back by the arm during a free-kick, but no penalty was given. A penalty was given later in the match however, correctly so, after Odegaard brought Fred down in the box, the referee not giving it immediately, but checking the monitor and awarding the penalty afterwards.
15. Everton vs Arsenal(2-1) Richarlison had two goals disallowed for milimeter offsides, but he wouldn't be denied as he eventually a goal that stood.
Godfrey caught Tomiyasu on the face with his studs. In a discussion of whether or not it should've been a red card, it wasn't even given as a foul. Speaking of Everton players getting away with fouls by going studs up, this instance of Gordon catching Tavares on the shin with his studs up wasn't even foul worthy, apparently, let alone a card, and that's ignoring the little kick out at the back of Tavares's leg while going down.
16. Arsenal vs Southampton(3-0) Nothing of note here, relatively clean match with few fouls for most of the match and no controversial moments.
17. Arsenal vs West Ham(2-0) In the first half, Antonio lunged at the ball and Ramsdale after a backpass to Ramsdale. Luckily, he didn't catch Ramsdale, but with the nature of the challenge, being a lunge with his leg high and his studs showing, a yellow could've perhaps been given.
The big controvery was the penalty given to Arsenal. Coufal tackled Lacazette for the ball, and though he got some of the ball, a penalty was given, and Coufal was given a second yellow and consequently sent off. Now there's no decision I'm more indecisive about than this one. On one hand, Coufal does get the ball first, and his follow-through wasn't particularly dangerous as it wasn't overly high, nor was it studs up. On the other hand, it's a completely botched challenge, he gets only a bit of the ball, going over the top of it, and then not actually clearing it, so the ball was still there for Lacazette to play, but he couldn't do that because he was brought down. While Coufal foot isn't overly high, it still is somewhat high, especially considering the ball is on the ground.
18. Leeds United vs Arsenal(1-4) Arsenal's first goal had what could've/should've been two separate fouls, the first one on Xhaka by Klich, and the second one on Klich by Lacazette, a second before Martinelli scored. You can say the two missed calls cancel each other out, though that's not how refereeing works.
Things flared up in the second half as Xhaka stood over the ball to prevent a quick free-kick, causing a some tension. Shortly afterwards, Xhaka, likely out of frustration, committed a very bad foul where he caught Raphinha on the ankle. It was a red card worthy foul, but it wasn't given, despite a VAR check, and somehow Xhaka didn't even get a yellow. That wasn't the only bad foul, as Gelhardt similarly caught Tomiyasu on the ankle with a tackle. No red card was issued once again, though Gelhardt was given a yellow, so Xhaka should've had a yellow as well, at least.
White conceded a penalty for a poor tackle on Gelhardt, after which he hilariously celebrated with Ramsdale as if it was an amazing tackle.
19. Norwich vs Arsenal(0-5) A comfortable 5-0 victory had some interesting moments. Both teams had shouts for penalties that weren't given, though in Arsenal's case, no one even protested. Aarons's handball should've most likely been a penalty due to the positoning of his arm and that it stopped a dangerous shot on goal by Tierney, while Norwich definitely had a shout, though McLean went down fairly easily after feeling Lacazette's hand on his shoulder. In any case, Lacazette shouldn't even be attempting that, it's not like it will slow the opponent down, and he's risking giving a penalty for little gain.
In the second half, there were two incidents between Saka and Williams. Saka was caught with a bit of a kick by Williams, but no foul was given as play went on, though Xhaka put it out of play shortly afterwards. Just a minute later, Saka fouls Williams from behind, and he was clearly upset with the little kick by Williams, so much so that he left a stamp on Williams's leg. Saka can consider himself lucky that he stayed on the pitch, as this can easily be seen as violent conduct, and all of us would be calling for a red if the roles were reversed. Getting kicked is no reason to risk a red card, regardless of the result.
Arsenal vs Manchester City(1-2) Oh boy, here we go. Arsenal played some amazing football in the first half and took the lead via a beautiful Saka finish, but it all came apart in the second half, and there was plenty of controversy all throughout. This challenge by Ederson on Odegaard was not given as a foul, despite Ederson getting none of the ball, catching Odegaard's foot which forced it onto the ball and resulted in a corner kick. It was a very close call, especially in real time, so I don't blame the referee for not giving it, but VAR had to overrule it.
City got a penalty for Xhaka bringing Bernardo down in the box. Was it on the softer side? Yes. Was Bernardo looking for it? Yes, but it's a penalty for me because Xhaka clearly catches Bernardo down low, and pulls him by the shirt as well, while simultaneously getting none of the ball.
City's penalty was initially not given, but the referee Stuart Attwell had a look at the monitor and gave the penalty instead. Gabriel was shown a yellow card, as Stuivenberg later revealed, for asking why there was no penalty for Arsenal earlier in the match, and presumably why Attwell didn't have a look at the monitor in that instance. Seems a reasonable thing to ask, but Gabriel was carded anyway. In addition, both Gabriel and Ramsdale were caught roughing up the penalty spot, which was poor behavior from the both of them.
Just a few minutes later, Gabriel is shown a second yellow card for a foul on Gabriel Jesus. Now the foul itself is 100% just that, a foul, and a yellow card seems the right decision as well, but Arsenal fans will point to two things, a) Gabriel's first yellow being overly harsh for asking a very reasonable question of the referee, b) Rodri committing two somewhat similar fouls and not being booked either time. The first foul seemed like an easy yellow, the second less so, but it did stop a promising counter-attack, much like the first one, and of course, just like Gabriel's foul did that earned him a second yellow. Saka got booked as well, presumably for asking the same question everyone else was, why Rodri hadn't been booked.
City also had a penalty shout in the first half. Partey has his hands all over Jesus as a cross comes in, Jesus seems to have his on Partey as well, though it's difficult to tell without the angle from behind. Way too careless by Partey, even if you don't think it's a penalty, I'd rather he not even risk it, though in his defense, this happens on set pieces all the time.
EFL CUP 1. WBA vs Arsenal(0-6) Nothing of note in this match.
2. Arsenal vs Wimbledon(3-0) This match wasn't aired anywhere in the world, so nothing for me to analyze.
3. Arsenal vs Leeds United(2-0) Nothing of note in this match.
4. Arsenal vs Sunderland(5-1) Nothing much to write about here either, only thing of note is that there were a couple of light penalty shouts on both sides that were correctly waved off by the referee.
5. Liverpool vs Arsenal(0-0) Xhaka was understandably sent off in the first half for a foul on Jota. The red card could've been for either the fact that it was a last man foul, or that it was a dangerous challenge seeing as how Xhaka's foot connected with Jota's abdomen. Thankfully, it didn't turn out that bad as Arsenal held out to a 0-0 draw.
FA CUP 1. Nottingham Forest vs Arsenal(1-0) Arsenal were eliminated in the FA Cup for the second time in four years away at Nottingham Forest. You can definitely say that Arsenal didn't deserve to go through based on the merit of the performance, which was very bad, but Nottingham's goal came eight seconds after they won the ball through what was a handball. The ball comes at Yates from close range, but the lower half of his arm is away from the body and it helps stop the ball. This screenshot shows the positioning of Yates's arm when the ball hit it.
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2022.01.20 08:18 Dak_Sumadey_Daku What is your date of birth?

Idk why I’m asking, but it’s just that January 20 is my birthday, and for me it’s already today
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2022.01.20 08:18 clearclearclearclear Thoughts on ETC’s Eos.

Hey all, just wanted to share my thoughts on the current state of ETC Eos. (V3.1.0.282).
The software is good, lots of handy features especially for theatre, dance, TV and such. However, the UI, both in terms of hardware and software feels a bit clunky to me.
The snapshot system is buggy and I feel like the behaviour of tabs and windows is unpredictable in many ways and slow.
Tab + arrow keys move tabs in the opposite direction.
The Displays key isn’t a toggle, it requires one click more in some scenarios.
Locking a Magic sheet does not prevent two-finger double tap zoom to fit.
Eos Ti will always leave browser open after quicksave, a bug that hasn’t been addressed for quite a few releases now.
The motorised faders are really inaccurate and the encoders purr like cats.
I think the software needs a lot of work in making it stable and predictable in these areas to enhance the experience of using the multitude of great features in the software. These are just slowing us down and pissing us off.
I choose the Eos over the grandMA3’s almost everytime, but using it feels like driving my 2005 Sorento instead of my friend’s 2020 Mercedes Benz which is what the GrandMA3 feels like. (Not a car guy, but you get the point haha). I use my Sorento daily and it allows me to do great work, but when it costs upwards of what the GrandMA3 costs - I expect fine tuning and optimization in the UI/UX.
Sorry to bore you, just had to went after a buggy tech!
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2022.01.20 08:18 hEddie1 WTS Khaki Mini Logo Hoodie | Size Large | Worn twice | Dm if interested

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2022.01.20 08:18 nf_highlights Keljin Blevins : All Possessions (2022-01-17)

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2022.01.20 08:18 mixsamixsa Ello, huge thoma simp & lover here, here's my drawings includes him :3 💗💞

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This project is SAFU. This project is fun. This project will have a big day. This project will have a big future.
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2022.01.20 08:18 ArtpetSmile Beware, the flesh man can appear in your dreams

I don't know how to start this... I think I'm going to start by emphasizing that, an apology if at some point something I write doesn't make sense and I'm just writing this, I've just dreamed of it...
I just want to emphasize that, I don't expect any fame or anything like that and I would like to know if anyone else dreamed of this or something quite similar... Once that point has been explained, I will begin Today, for some strange reason, I was very tired all day, my body was heavy and my eyelids were barely open, so try to sleep earlier than usual (I am used to sleeping between 11 and 12 at night, but I was so tired that I fell into bed at 10:30), after having been able to fall asleep, I can swear to you that at all times of the dream, I felt that someone was stalking me. It all started in a fairly calm dream compared to what I am going to end up telling you and I am going to separate my three dreams by floors.
(First floor, Super market) It all starts from a first person perspective as I'm driving my car to the Walmart, I wasn't in a hurry to buy things, I didn't even know why I was going. After driving, he arrived, I parked and took my cell phone which marked 10 a.m. (it is just at this moment that I begin to feel restless and can only feel watched, like a mouse that not only has its sense of survival in a kitchen with a cat), after having checked the time and realizing that at no time had I left the house and driven, I fell into what was happening and knew that I was in a dream, this instead of calming me down or doing me any good, made me start to care less and less about my surroundings, starting to treat people badly and filling my cart with completely absurd things. All of this, while someone was keeping an eye on me, this was a man with a slim build, around 20 - 28 years old, wearing a black hoodie, slightly worn jeans, and casual clothes. At first, one would think that he is someone quite normal... But that idea that I also shared, vanished in one fell swoop, when I realized that he had a skin mask on his face. Everyone around him ignored him as if he wasn't there, but he kept watching everything he did without any reaction, just a stupid smile from ear to ear, At first I thought this was because I realized I was in a dream, but after a while I continued to bother the other buyers, nothing unusual appeared... Only Flesh Man, who kept stalking me closer and closer, until I saw the time again on my cell phone and out of nowhere, he was in my room.
(Second floor, internet) Once seeing that he was in my house, I checked doors and windows in case he had followed me, but I still felt uneasy. I return to my room, only to observe on the news that some guys were recording and doing parkour, they detected that in one of their recorded videos, you could see how a person was writing on your window with blood : "Call 911, the Flesh man entered my house" All this happened, while on the Tiktok platform, 3 videos had been uploaded of how the Flesh man killed this overweight person in different ways. The first time, he had a person shoot two dolls of this person made of ground meat, with enough size so that from one of the dolls, this person would come out bleeding. In the second video, you could see the same person, in a shopping center, being cut on his stomach by the Flesh man and having people enter Bob's wound (that's what we'll call him), you have to the point of exploding. For the last video, Flesh man was seen taking the cell phone with his left hand and pushing Bob from the top of a building, parallel to the third video, on TV they showed how Bob jumped from his residential building onto the concrete floor, where death awaited him.
(Third floor, Limbo) After Bob had fallen, everything went completely dark and I only managed to see a light in the distance of complete nothingness, here I only heard the voice of Flesh man, approaching from behind, but each turned around, I could only hear his footsteps, running all over the place, causing me superficial wounds, accompanied by a devilish laugh that only, that could only mean my death, but what scared me, was knowing if I would also die in reality... In the end, once he pierces my heart with a red-hot knife, I finally wake up in a cold sweat and a pain so creepy in my chest, I still can't get rid of it...
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Genre: Progressive House
Ambient Pino - Riders on the Storm (feat. Fungus Family) [Lj Guru Remix] / (Key Cm, BPM 124, Length 6:21)​
DOWNLOAD - https://progonlymusic.com/index.php?route=release/release&release_id=528007
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There are 30 in the store. What do you recommend?
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